Get your doubts solved instantly by study material online only at My Practice Hut
  • NEET
  • 19 Nov, 2020

Get your doubts solved instantly by study material online only at My Practice Hut

We know every child is born with a particular skill, unique mindset & curious mind, but unfortunately, the traditional education system does not provide children with opportunities to develop it. If a doubt arises in students' heads, the best-assumed way of solving it is by asking the teacher. But it is never as simple as it looks. Not every student is confident enough to raise the voice and ask the doubt in front of the whole class. Even when we have thousands of education platforms available on the internet, promising one-to-one interaction, sometimes the problem remained unsolved. Doubts often build roadblocks in student learning. When these doubts are resolved correctly and instantly, they keep their learning momentum and eliminate any wait-time.
Knowing about this learning problem,


My Practice Hut began its journey to resolve students' significant issues. My Practice Hut provides expert guidance, previous year exams based test series, and questions to practice as better. But most importantly, you will also get solutions to the problems in your NCERT Books and other reference books that are popular among students. Moreover, My Practice Hut is fast and gives complementary reference material to help students understand more and dive deeper. My Practice hut is developed to address this need for students more efficiently and smartly. By providing an instant step-wise solution to their questions, My Practice Hut allows students to get their doubts solved without having to buy any subscription or sign-up. With a database of more than a million practice questions, this app aims to study for competitive exams such as JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET while also covering the syllabus of CBSE for class 6–12.


Furthermore, with the ongoing scenario of Pandemic, the pattern of education and knowledge, including teaching and evaluation methodologies, turned into the first sector to be suffering from those closures. Only a handful of private schools could undertake online coaching methods. Their low-earnings private and government school equivalents, on the opposite hand, have shut down for not having access to e-learning solutions. In addition to the missed opportunities for gaining knowledge, the students no longer have the right to enter wholesome meals at some stage and are the problem of economic and social stress. There also comes My Practice Hut with the solutions.