How to prepare better for your 12th Board examination
  • CBSE
  • 11 Feb, 2021

How to prepare better for your 12th Board examination

Hard-work is the vital factor of every examination in our life, and the 12th board examination is one of the game-changer examination or turning point of every student's life. Board examinations are based on board curriculum and syllabus related to only prescribed books. You will think about the syllabus of books to prepare better for your 12th board examination. Better presentation to secure good marks will depend on your preparation throughout the year, not only by studying 2 or 3 months. 

Some useful tips can help you to perform remarkably in 12th board examination.

  1. No matter what percentage you secured in your previous year examination, the point is that what you think about this year. It would be best if you forgot about your previous tests. Take a deep breath to do better this year. 
  2. You should think about regular day-wise study plan and divide your syllabus according to your syllabus covered in school. 
  3. First of all, you should read the syllabus of board examination according to the board. It will concentrate your mind on each subject. Knowledge of all topics will summarize your subjects so you can memorize them all.
  4. Don't decide your percentage or marks before the examination. It would be best if you only attempt those questions of the paper that you are sure of doing correctly. For this, you should study all previous year paper of 12th board examination like 2020. It will give you correct thought about the forthcoming paper of 2021, 12th board.
  5. Board paper is divided into many sections like one marks, two marks, three marks, and five marks question pattern, so it is essential to read each chapter carefully. You should take a reading of summary also. Some of the small questions will be based on the summary located on all chapters' last page.
  6. F. You should read mainly your syllabus books to secure maximum marks of paper. Reference books can help in the last few days only to increase your thought. Each question will be based on the syllabus of books recommended by the board like NCERT books, so you never think about other books.


Before this 2021 examination, only a few months are left, so be ready to do something unlivable in your life. You can break all records if you plan according to the following points:

  1. Divide your day into four parts for regular study: Morning hours, Noon hours, Evening hours and night hours. 
  2. You should take your optional subject in night hours for study. The optional subject will increase your percentage so you should read regularly.
  3. Compulsory subjects are generally three so you can select study of hard chapter study in the early morning.
  4. Plan your revision for all chapters in each subject according to the remaining time of 2021 examination.
  5. You should practice your writing before 12 board examination because the teacher will be happy to see clear handwriting and prove some happiness. A sound and happy mind will mark better. 
  6. You should mark important on each page regarding any concept and formula in your book. It will help you memorize each page of a chapter.
  7. You can underline unique points, critical factors of the chapter. Key elements are generally converted in question.
  8. Diagrams of each chapter are also essential so mark them and write a general question in a notebook like- Q. Draw a diagram of…………. and labelled it.
  9. Make a short note of each chapter with all essential points and formulas.
  10. In present scenario approx. 7 to 8-hour study is required for securing good marks in 12th board examination.
  11. Good preparation depends on your revision plan. You should revise your previous chapter after ten days to covert it in extended memory.
  12. Don't forget your compulsory subject like English. You should regular learn and memorize grammar and literature-based chapters.
  13. Good and healthy food is also a requirement for a better study.
  14. Good sleep in the vital factor of your memory so at least you should sleep 6 hours in a day to prepare better in 12th board examination.

Have a good practice of questions.

Have patience

Read carefully and go steady.