JEE Advance Tips: How can an average student crack the IIT Jee Advance Exams easily
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  • 10 Nov, 2020

JEE Advance Tips: How can an average student crack the IIT Jee Advance Exams easily

It is quite obvious to have a question in mind, can an average student crack the IIT-JEE advance in the first attempt itself? Well, clearing the JEE advance exams indeed is a challenging task, and it is never estimated on any size of intellectual power. It is something that needs tons of certainty, commitment, theoretical knowledge, your distinct fascination for subjects, and learning smartly and productively, and more importantly, practicing as much as you can.


These exams aren't like your school days when you memorized a piece of information from your books, flat questions appeared from there, and you wrote the answer and got full marks. Eventually, you get good grades there. But, here, things are surprisingly unpredictable. It is said all the students who appear in this exam are equal. All you need is to characterize and inculcate your capacities or abilities in a certain way. The rest will follow if you choose to do proper time management and practice.

How can an Average Student Crack the IIT JEE Advanced Exam?

As every year, lakhs of students appear in this exam, only a handful of students crack it. Thus, many students think it takes extra smartness or different genius to make a place among the qualified ones. But that is not entirely true. While attempting to respond to this question, we should recollect that IIT-JEE is only an exam and is not the last thing. Cracking IIT-JEE guarantees you a seat in a recognized national engineering college, consequently giving you a decent beginning to a vocation in engineering. Thus, cracking the exam is like passing any other exam and not anything alien that so-called average students find difficult to pass.


Let us consider that you are keen on IIT-JEE for quite a few reasons and proceed in investigating the question Can an average student crack JEE advanced with a decent rank? The appropriate response is - it depends. With the emotional idea of this question, you could state that the 'average' tag may be a sign of your exhibition before and may not genuinely be a sign of your actual potential. Moreover, persistence trumps ability.

Throughout the years, there have been examples of success stories of students with average results and students from various backgrounds doing well in the IIT-JEE test. Any guidance from any individual who has not experienced this involvement in a positive outcome might be misdirecting. So, it is ideal to disregard all the generalizations related to IIT-JEE and legitimately converse with the individuals who have cleared this test. In any case, regardless of where you remain, this is what will give you a battling chance:

  • Knowing that cracking the exam will not be a cakewalk
  • Joining a decent IIT-JEE coaching institute
  • Creating self-control and sticking to a daily routine
  • Eliminating whatever could negate the advances of your work

It does not matter where you started. It only matters where you have to stop. You can always take the help of online learning portals to improve your JEE exam performance so that you do not have to ask yourself if an average student could crack the IIT JEE advanced exam. Smart planning, hard work, and execution of the plan will define your chance of clearing it.