Must Read Tips & Tricks to crack NEET 2021
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  • 12 Feb, 2021

Must Read Tips & Tricks to crack NEET 2021

How can we score good marks in NEET 2021?

National Eligibility cum entrance examination is one of the most prestigious tests for students. Selection in the medical examination is a part of good academics and a systematic study plan by which we can get more than 600 marks out of 720. For selection, a student should make some strategy to crack NEET 2021. Smart work with good question practice makes us champion in upcoming NEET 2021.

Some important essential point to get sure selection in upcoming medical examination 2021 are: -

  1. First student should prepare a chart of topics for each subject - Chart of chapters will provide a complete summary in mind to connect theory with each chapter.
  2. We should make a list of related topics to revise fast before the examination.
  3. Short notes from each chapter will provide you with quick revision at the time of examination.
  4. Physics is conceptual and based on calculation, so students should list all given formulas and essential statements. It will provide you with a crisp and clear idea for a question to solve fast during an exam.
  5. You should solve all NCERT based problems before the examination.
  6. Biology: - Biology subject is the main scoring subject in NEET. Planning to secure more marks in biology can give you a perfect selection. The strategy of biology -

A. We should make points of NCERT BOOK of 11 and 12 from each chapter.

B. Learn all diagrams and their labelling.

C. Make short notes for quick revision.

D. Solve previous year papers.

  1. Chemistry is classified as physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Study and memorizing chemistry is a different task, although it is a right scoring subject. A student should read all three divisions separately.
  • Physical chemistry: - Make chapter wise list of all fundamental statements. Make a list of all formulas. Make a list of all interconnected formula. You can highlight all previous year question-related statements and formulas.
  • Organic Chemistry: - This part is totally based on practice time to time, so the need for a student is a perfect time table of all organic chapters. A student should increase question practice time with every chapter. Learn all basics of general organic chemistry before doing any practice.
  • Inorganic chemistry: - You should make first all theory notes in a perfect interrelated manner. List of formulas and rules is crucial to crack inorganic question paper.

Planning of each subject will give you a perfect and sure selection in NEET 2021.